Glass Balustrades

If you want to add a simplistic style to your home, glass balustrades are ideal.  With the ability to create a custom look, Pro Balustrading will help your transform any staircase, balcony, walkway, or other area.

The security and style of glass balustrades make them the perfect choice when you want a touch of sophistication that doesn’t compromise the view.

For more than 20 years, we have worked with homeowners to create secure and stunning glass balustrades in all measurements, sizes, and styles.

Quality You Can Trust

Pro Balustrading uses only the best quality Australian-made products.  We want to ensure the finished product is exactly to your specifications.

That’s why we work with only the best materials to ensure our glass balustrades are not only beautiful, but also secure—for long-lasting results.

Using chip-free and break-free glass, we uphold the highest standards for every single project.  When you trust Pro Balustrading, you never have to worry about safety, security, or style.

Custom-Made Designs for Any Décor

The modernism of glass allows you to give your home a trendy look that will work in any area.  Our experience is put to good use throughout the design, construction, and installation process.

Whether for a stairway, balcony, or other area, Pro Balustrading is the expert in creating indoor or outdoor looks that are to your specifications.

Change the look of your home instantly with the stunning look of our glass balustrades.

When you’re ready for simple sophistication for your home, Pro Balustrading is eager to assist.

With a hassle-free process from start to finish, you can trust Pro Balustrading to create a finish that is perfection.

If you’re ready to find out more about glass balustrades or any other products found at Pro Balustrading, contact us for pricing or quotations for your home.